the multi-facet 1.5" & 2.0"

The Multi-Facet is an item thats usefulness is only limited by your imagination. We originally intended it to attach to the top of camera to provide many different mounting spots for any accessories you may have, on board monitors, eyelights, focusing devices or as spot for the grips to use to lock down the camera for locked off shots.

It can also be used for lighting and rigging. Its versatility makes it a must-have for any grip, set lighting or camera assistant's workbox or kit. The Multi-Facet comes in two different sizes. The 1.5 is intended for more of the on camera use, while the larger 2.0 is more for lighting, car mounting or rigging. Click on the links to the upper-right to see photos and technical specs.

The Multi Facet kit comes with the following,
1 2”x5/8” Hard anodized spud with 3/8” threaded ends and
slot for 9/16” wrench
2 1”x3/8 stainless steel threaded, allen head screw
1 1”x1/4”-20 stainless steel threaded allen head screw
1 3/8 to 1/4-20 bushing
1 3/16 allen wrench

1.5" multi-facet
2.0" multi-facet

The 1.5 " Multi will sell for $80.00 plus tax and shipping
The 2.0 " Multi will sell for $85.00 plus tax and shipping

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