Multi Head

Multi Head

The Multi Head it is designed for all 5/8" rigging needs. Lighting, grips and props will all be able to find tons of uses for this great new tool.

Rigging Rods

Rigging Rods

These are our 5/8" Rigging rods, these are 3/8" threaded on each end giving you the ability to join them together for custom lengths or bolt them to anything you may need to and anodized black because it looks cool. Let your imagination run wild!


Multi-facet 1.5

The Multi-Facet is an item thats usefulness is only limited by your imagination. We originally intended it to attach to the top of camera to provide many different mounting spots for any accessories you may have, on board monitors, eyelights, focusing devices or as spot for the grips to use to lock down the camera for locked off shots.



Product Unavailable Email to Request

This is the new Multi Plate. It is a new take on the old baby plate, this one offering many different ways to mount lights, rigging, anything you can imagine you can do with the Multi Plate.


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